Representing a brand requires research. In addition to an information designer, Phoebe Davis as a brand includes my experiences both professional and personal. To better understand and summarize these experience, I looked to my strengths through the Gallup Strengthsfinder 2.0. This test highlights personal and professional strengths, which is undeniably connected to how I implement information design. 

Strengths Insights Report Results

  1. Harmony
  2. Relator
  3. Context
  4. Responsibility
  5. Includer

Guided by my results, I worked to highlight the theme of team in my personal brand. I graduated from the Bachelor of Communication – Information Design program at Mount Royal University with an amazing and talented cohort. However, what differentiates me is my strengths and thoughtfulness working in a collaborative and supportive role.  As a relator, I search for the most basic and essential parts of elaborate ideas, processes, or technologies. Gathering these elements and plainly presenting them is the task of information design. Furthermore, driven by the context of projects, I will research and ask endless questions to understand the resources at my team’s disposal. Finally, through following the critical elements of the project and team, I love bringing parts together to a cohesive plan. From initiation to close, project planning and management is the cumulation of my skills and strengths.

Phoebe Davis Logo and Visual Identity System

My logo playfully highlights my inspiration for working in a team. Although the form is derived from my initials, PD, it is also informed by the movement of a tandem bicycle. 

About Me Project

Project Name

Personal Branding Development

Completed for

Mount Royal University, Bachelor of Communication – Information Design


Winter 2018

Project Details

To get to know me, here’s a look into how I created my personal brand for the 2018 Information Design Project Show.