How might we increase attendance by 70% over the next five years and develop fundraising initiatives for infrastructure improvements?

In Winter 2017, I completed the Project and Content Management course at Mount Royal University.  One of our challenges tasked us to work in a team of four and create a project charter in a mock project for the Glenbow Museum in Calgary.

The business development plan we created presented a proven option to increase attendance and engagement. These proven results were determined by researching previous museum initiatives that reached the same goals committed by Glenbow Museum. This precedence gave us the confidence to present our plan to sponsors and stakeholders.  In summary, our strategy included a pricing restructure for increased memberships, a partnership program to encourage collaboration among Alberta Museums, and a corporate sponsorship program to attract significant exhibitions. Finally, the project charter included a proposal to develop new technologies such as an interactive guided tour app and a streamlined survey system to measure the success of our proposed initiatives.

Project Charter Visualization. The project charter is a document that proposes the project plan considering the goals of the organization. Typically, the project charter also includes a work breakdown structure, communication plan,  risk management plan, and proposed budget. This visualization demonstrates our plan for Glenbow-Institute, also know as, what we propose to do.

Alberta-wide Museum Membership Card. Delivered through Glenbow and its partners, patrons purchasing an annual membership through Glenbow would also receive yearly admission to all partner venues.

Glenbow-Alberta Institute check-in system. All visiting guests would be directed to check-in before entering the exhibits at Glenbow. This check-in system would allow the organization to track attendance and intention of visitors, determining which incentives were most attractive to visitors.

Glenbow-Alberta Institute experience survey. All visiting guests would be directed to complete this survey upon leaving the museum. The results would be analyzed to determine the successes and area of improvements for the infrastructure and exhibits.

Interactive Glenbow App. Through an innovation development fund, provided through corporate and government sponsorship, Glenbow would provide an exceptional experience through a customized app to offer further information on exhibits. Using augmented reality technology and curated content, the App would provide younger visitors approachable experiences.

Glenbow Museum Attendance Initiative

Project Name

Project Charter Presented to Glenbow-Alberta Institute

Completed for 

Mount Royal University, Bachelor of Communication – Information Design


Emma Yonge, Lucy Randal , and Kristel Pena


Winter 2017